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Our online booking platform allows you to effortlessly schedule professional movers for your upcoming relocation.

Book Online

Our online booking platform allows you to effortlessly schedule professional movers for your upcoming relocation.

Book Online

Our online booking platform allows you to effortlessly schedule professional movers for your upcoming relocation.

Movers & a van

Single items, one room of furniture, studio apartments, up to a two bedroom apartment.

Small local moving

“Why pay a mover, when I could do this myself?”  STOP! Avoid the hassle of driving across town to rent a truck, purchase wrapping supplies, tools & equipment. Don’t punish yourself with hours of heavy lifting. Save your back. Stop calling friends and family to help you. When everyone is sending you to voicemail on “moving day”, give us call. We’ll pick up. We’ll do all of the huffing and puffing and heavy lifting to ensure your small move is easy-peasy stress-freezy.


The benefits of 24/7 365 day moving services

It goes without saying that you’re unique, so too is your move. That’s why we make this all about you, and not us. Reddy Van Moving is the only company in Tampa Bay that will move you any time of the day, any day of the year, with no days off! Relocation shouldn’t get in the way of your life.  

We are a 24/7 and 365 days a year operation that’s built to accommodate you. 2am, we’ll do it, 10pm, we’ll be there. We will move you anytime and day of the year. Early am, late pm, Religious Holidays, Bank Holidays and National Holidays. Whatever your move day and time of day requirements are, we are experienced to meet your schedule and will still charge you at our normal hourly rates.  We know, it’s about time someone moved you this way.

How many movers do you need?

Smart moving bins!

10/20/30 Bins for $10/$20/$30

You can use our Smart Moving Bins for up to 30 days when you move locally with us. Extra bins are 50¢ per bin. Skip the heavy lifting with our included dolly cart for easy rolling. We offer free warehouse pickup or low cost delivery service right to your door.  Don’t forget to add on our must have packing supplies that you should never move without.  Reserve your move today! 

Business services

Businesses of all types, including interior designers, home stages and real estate agents, find many creative ways to use our services. When you need help picking up inventory from vendors and getting it delivered to any location within the greater Tampa Bay area, we’re your partner to get the job done.  Our team of certified professionals can also provide installation and furniture building on location.  Let Reddy Van allow you to focus on your business rather than worrying about the logistics. 


Furniture delivery/specialty items/donation drop off

Furniture delivery/
specialty items/
drop off

Is that newly purchased couch too big for your car? Are you in need for a delivery from HD Buttercup, Ashley’s, Macy’s, West Elm, Rooms-To-Go, IKEA, Sam’s Club, Costco, Big Lots, Craigslist, OfferUp, Letgo or a local Consignment Shop? Or would you like to donate unwanted items to Goodwill, The Salvation Army or a local donation center? We’ve got’cha covered! (wink)

Portable & storage unit movers

Our team of movers is here to help! We have tons of experience moving people into or out of storage units of all types, shapes, and sizes.  Whether you need to move a few things from a storage unit into your home, you’re in between renovations, you’re downsizing your home, or you’re looking for movers to empty your storage unit, we’re the muscle you need.

Student-Friendly Movers

Furniture delivery/
specialty items/
drop off

Don’t get overcharged for your move! Are you moving into or out of a dorm or apartment near your college or university and in need of movers to transport your furniture, such as a couch or futon, up the stairs to your new place? Our professional, affordable student moving services will help you reach your destination and set a clear path forward for every student feeling lost in the chaos of moving. We can accommodate student moves of any scope in Tampa, FL within a 50-mile radius – even same day! 

Senior-Caring Movers

For seniors, attempting a DIY move can be risky. With our seniors moving package we follow a tried-and-tested 5-step approach designed to ensure a stress-free transition for our valued seniors:

1.  An in-home assessment: The initial step involves meeting with seniors and examining their homes and belongings to determine needs.
2. Develop a custom move plan: Upon agreement on pricing and services, we design a plan that addresses every aspect of the move from start to finish.
3. Careful packing: Our experienced staff packs items with the attention and care, using high-quality materials.
4. Secure transport: We use our specialized moving vans to safely transport all belongings.
5. Unpacking and setup: Once we arrive at the new location, our team unloads and unpacks everything, setting up furniture and other items in their designated spots.

Labor only movers

Leave this time-consuming and difficult task
up to us.

unloading help

Do you really want to do this yourself? I don’t think so. Loading /unloading a moving truck, storage unit or container is hard work. Phew! We’re not saying you’re out of shape, but you’re probably not in the Reddy Van Moving shape. Considered by many in the moving industry, but mainly ourselves as “moving wizards”, we will utilize every cubic inch of space on your rental truck/container. Simply put, we’ll maximize efficiency.

In-house move/same building or office complex

Need to swap furniture from one room to another to accommodate those pesky (ahem) I mean wonderful in-laws? Whether it’s de-cluttering your garage or staging your home for an upcoming event, we’ve got your back. Moving within the same building or moving between buildings that are in the same complex? Check! We can do that. “The couch doesn’t fit through the elevator door, now what?” No worries, we can carry that big son of a gun up a floor. We can get it where it belongs. 

If you’re a small business and you need help moving furniture from one floor to another or re-arranging furniture around your small office space, we can make that project an affordable and seamless one.  Our team of certified professionals can also provide installation and furniture building on location. 

Furniture assembly/
appliance installation

Taking apart furniture is one thing, but reassembling so as to ensure your bedframe doesn’t collapse while your sleeping, well, that takes some skill. Good news, we offer disassembly and reassembly for the following items: Daybeds, entertainment centers, bedframes, bunk beds, baby cribs, dining tables and office furniture. We also offer the removal and basic hook up of all freestanding appliances (e.g., freestanding refrigerators, ranges, washers and dryers)

Need junk removal?

Disposal is easy with our
fill the van-junk pickup options.

Junk removal

Our Tampa junk removal services include pick up, haul away and bulky item disposal from anywhere in your home or office. We will go anywhere on your property that you need junk removed from including your attic! Once we Loadup your used items, we recycle or donate usable items to keep Tampa pollution-free. We service all neighborhoods in Hillsborough County, Pasco County, Pinellas County and Hernando County.

Moving Tips.

Use appropriate size boxes (Keep boxes under 45lbs).

Place heavy items, like books, canned goods in small boxes; light items, like linens and pillows, in larger boxes. (Large boxes packed with heavy items are the number one complaint of all movers)

Empty all drawers from dressers and nightstands.

We need furniture to be as light as possible when transporting.

Place heavier items on the bottom of boxes and lighter items on top. Don’t leave empty spaces in the boxes.

Fill in gaps with clothing, towels, or packing paper. Boxes that feel loosely packed or unbalanced can easily be crushed.

Avoid mixing items from different rooms in the same box.

It will make your packing / unpacking a lot easier.

Label each box with the room it’s destined
for and a description of its contents.

This will help you and your movers know where every box belongs in your new place. Numbering each box and keeping an inventory list in a small notebook is a good way to keep track of what you’ve packed―and to make sure you still have

Tape boxes well.

Use a couple of pieces of tape to close the bottom and top seams, then use one of the movers’ techniques―making a couple of wraps all the way around the box’s top and bottom edges, where stress is concentrated.

Bundle breakables.

As you pack your dishes, put packing paper around each one, then wrap bundles of five or six together with more paper. Pack dishes on their sides, never flat. And use plenty of bunched-up paper as padding above and below. Cups and bowls can be placed inside one another, with paper in between, and wrapped three or four in a bundle.

Let the moving begin!


Our single man mover service let’s you move up to 10 items with a maximum weight of 100 lbs per item that are easily accessible with no stairs involved. These include items such as a drying machine, small sofa loveseat, bookcases, single bed, small chest freezer, small kitchen table and chairs, patio set, television, etc. If you plan on moving anything over these limits and your items are difficult to carry (larger mattresses or larger furniture items) you’ll need to request a two man moving team. We do not allow the customer to assist in loading the van due to liability concerns.

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The included supplies will help you pack, protect, organize and cushion your items.

Apartment Kit : $55

2 Rolls Bubble Wrap, 1 Mattress/Sofa Bag (King/Queen), 1 TV Cover, 1 Roll of Packing paper, 2 Rolls of Packing Tape & Dispenser.

1-2 Bedroom Kit : $75

4 Rolls Bubble Wrap, 2 Mattress/Sofa Bag (King/Queen), 1 TV Cover, 2 Rolls of Packing paper, 3 Rolls of Packing Tape & Dispenser.

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