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How it works

All jobs include a travel time component charged to and from our Tampa base. Travel times are fixed to ensure that if we get stuck in good old Tampa traffic getting to or from your place, you won’t pay for that extra time. Travel times are included in the total of every estimate we generate.

An example

You booked our Labor & Truck – One Man & Van service at $65 per hour.

You are moving from your home in New Tampa to Wesley Chapel. The call out time to the New Tampa addresses is 15 minutes. The return time from Wesley Chapel addresses is also 15 minutes.

Moving of your items from one property to the next takes 2 hours. We then add on the travel times of 15 minutes call out and 15 minutes return. This brings us to a total time of 2 hrs and 30 mins. Therefore, your charge for this job will be 2.5 hrs x $65 = $162.50